Specifying Custom Size Paper

For the document sizes on the application software, you can specify paper sizes arbitrarily as well as obtaining regular paper sizes provided by default. This arbitrarily specified paper size is called Custom Paper Size.
Select [Page Setup] from the [File] menu of the application software.
The [Page Setup] dialog box is displayed.
The [Page Setup] dialog box is not displayed depending on the application software. With such application software, you can specify the settings for the [Page Setup] dialog box in the [Print] dialog box.
Display the [Page Attributes] preferences pane in the [Page Setup] dialog box.
The [Page Attributes] preferences pane is displayed.
Select [Manage Custom Sizes] from [Paper Size].
The [Custom Paper Sizes] dialog box is displayed.
Click [+].
Specify the name of the custom paper size, [Paper Size], and [Non-Printable Area].
The following shows the settings.
Custom Page List
Enter the name of the paper.
[Paper Size]
Specify the height and width of the paper. Printable paper sizes vary depending on the printer model.
[Non-Printable Area]
Specify the printer margins. Specify the margins on the all sides more than 0.2 in. (0.5 cm).
Selecting a printer from the [Non-Printable Area] pop-up list specifies the margins suitable for the selected printer.
You can select only one of the printers registered in the printer list.
When deleting a registered custom paper size, select the size to be deleted from Custom Page List, then click [-].
To change the units of measure (in./cm) for [Paper Size] or [Non-Printable Area], click [System Preferences] → [Language & Text] → [Formats], and then select [US] or [Metric] for [Measurement units].
The default values displayed in [Paper Size] and [Non-Printable Area] are those of the paper size selected in [System Preferences] → [Print & Scan]/[Printers & Scanners] → [Default paper size].
To specify another custom paper size, repeat Step 4 to 5.
Click [OK].
The specified paper size is added.