Viewing the Counter Value

Viewing the Counter Value

You can check the number of printed pages.

Checking Total Number of Printed Pages

You can check the total number of printed pages.
 ()  <Check Counter>    <101: Total 1>, <113: Total (B&W/Sml)>, or <114:Total 1(2-Sided)>  

Checking the Number of Pages Printed for Each Department

You can check the number of pages printed for each department.
Start the Remote UI and log on in Management Mode. Starting Remote UI
Click [Settings/Registration].
Click [Department ID Management].
The number of printed pages is displayed for each Department ID under [Printed Pages].
To print the check result
To clear the page count to zero
When you want to clear the page count to zero for each department, click the text link under [Dept. ID], and click [Clear Count]  [OK].
If you want to return the counts of all departments to zero, click [Clear All Counts]  [OK].