Creating Custom Roles

Create the custom roles for operating the Access Management System.
Also confirm/edit the content of the [GuestUser] role to ensure that user management is performed appropriately.
Creating Custom Roles on imageRUNNER ADVANCE Devices
In this example, a [temp_custom] role will be created on Device_A for temporary employees, based on the [GeneralUser] role.
Open your Web browser → enter the following URL:
http://<IP address or host name of the device>
The [Login] page is displayed.
Enter the user name and password of the device restriction administrator → select [This device] in [Login Destination] → click [Log In].
In this example, the following settings are specified:
[User Name]
[Login Destination]
[This device]
Click [Settings/Registration] → [User Management] → [Authentication Management] → [Role Management].
Click [Add Role].
Enter the required items → click [Add].
In this example, the following settings are specified:
[Role Name]
For temporary employee
[Base Role]
[Send Functions/Store on Network] in [Function Category Restriction]
[Not Allowed]
[1-Sided/2-Sided Printing] in [Print Functions] in [Function Category Restriction Details]
[2-Sided Printing Only]
[1-Sided/2-Sided Copying] in [Copy Functions] in [Function Category Restriction Details]
[2-Sided Copying Only]
[Workflow Composer] in [Application Restrictions]
[Not Allowed]
In this example, since Workflow Composer is installed in Device_A, [Workflow Composer] is displayed in [Application Restrictions], and restrictions can be set.
For more information, see “"Managing Roles."
The [temp_custom] role is registered.
Editing [GuestUser] Role Registered in imageRUNNER ADVANCE Devices
Confirm the content of the [GuestUser] role registered in Device_A, and set the application restrictions.
If the restrictions applied to registered user ([GuestUser]) are stricter than those applied to unregistered users, the number of functions that can be used after logging in will be less than before logging in, which may lead to inappropriate user management.
Click [Edit] for [GuestUser] in [Base Roles].
Confirm the displayed information.
In this example, confirm that the content of the [GuestUser] role has not been changed. For information on each setting, see "Device Function Restrictions."
In [Application Restrictions], set [Workflow Composer] and [Scan and Send] to [Not Allowed] → click [Update].