Example of Operating with Local Device Authentication

In the example described here, the system management department members act as both device administrators and device restriction administrators to set device usage restrictions for a group comprised of three sales department members (Manager A, Regular employee B, and Temporary employee C).
Three devices are used: Device_A, Device_B, and Device_C. These three devices are the same model. These three devices all support using the Access Management System in conjunction with the Department ID Management function, and have the optional Workflow Composer added and started. These three devices are managed by members of the system management department, who also act as device administrators.
Device_A and Device_C will be set to Device Level Log-in, and Device_B will be set to Function Level Log-in. Unregistered users will be allowed to use Device_A and Device_B but not allowed to use Device_C.
When registered users log in to the device, restrictions are applied according to their title in the organization.
When unregistered users use Device_A, they will be able to log in as guest users. When they use Device_B, they will not be required to log in. Unregistered users will not be allowed to use Device_C.
This example assumes that Department IDs are assigned by group (by department).

Users and Roles to Use in the Example

In this example, device restrictions are set for the following users.
User Name/Password
Role to Associate
Sales department ([sales_dept])
(Department ID: 3333333/
PIN: 0000003)
Manager A
All device functions can be used.
The [Settings/Registration] screen cannot be used, except for some functions.
Regular employee B
All device functions can be used.
The network management functions on the [Settings/Registration] screen cannot be used.
Temporary employee C
[temp_custom] (custom role)
One-sided printing from a computer and the Send function cannot be used.
The [Settings/Registration] screen cannot be used, except for some functions.
Workflow Composer cannot be used.
System management department [admin_dept]
(System Manager ID: 1111111/
System PIN: 0000001)
(Department ID:2222222/
PIN: 0000002)
AMS/device restriction administrator
All device functions can be used. All functions can be used on the [Settings/Registration] screen.
Other Users
No User Name/Password
Only two-sided black-and-white copying are allowed.
Workflow Composer cannot be used.