Regarding Security when Operating the Access Management System

The Access Management System is a system for restricting the use of device functions for the purpose of reducing costs and preventing information leaks.
To maintain security of the device usage environment after adopting the Access Management System, it is recommended you consider the following security policies when operating the system.
User Management
Even when not using Active Directory, make sure to manage user accounts. For example, avoid having multiple users logging in to devices with a single user account. Matching the login user name used for the device and the computer enables you to perform more strict user management.
Computer Administrator Privilege Management
Manage computer administrator privileges. For example, if a user with Windows administrator privileges logs on and uninstalls the AMS Printer Driver Add-in, the Access Management System will become unable to restrict printing.
When operating the Access Management System with domain authentication, it is recommended you make the users log in to a domain when logging on to a computer.
Device Management
Manage devices that do not support AMS (devices that cannot be restricted) individually. For example, even if you restrict color output and sending externally for devices that support AMS, users can use these functions with devices that are not managed with the Access Management System.
It is recommended that you place devices not managed with the Access Management System close to administrators and perform security management.