Notifying Fax Reception

When you set to notify the fax receive status in Quick Printing Tool, a message is displayed or a sound is made when you receive a fax.
Fax Reception Notification Messages
Fax Reception Notification Sound
In order to display the notification message for fax reception, you need to configure the view settings. For more information on these settings, see the following.

Fax Reception Notification Messages

Fax reception is notified via a notification message displayed in Quick Printing Tool.
The fax received notification message is displayed for 10 seconds.
You can confirm the job history from Quick Printing Tool.

Fax Reception Notification Sound

It notifies you of receiving a fax. The alarm sounds while the message is displayed.
The types of notification sound you can select are as follows:
[Use default sound]
The message (information) sound of Windows.
[Change sound]
A wav/wave format sound source file can be selected.
By performing one of the following operations, the fax reception notification sound can be turned off.
By closing the fax reception notification window
By double-clicking the fax reception notification icon and displaying the received fax logs