Editing Text

In the Edit Original Pages Mode of Desktop Editor, you can edit text objects.
If a table of contents page created with Desktop Editor is updated, changes to the table of contents page are lost.
Text cannot be edited with the tool button displayed in the toolbar for the Annotations Mode.
Double-click the desired text object in the Work Window.
The shape of the mouse pointer changes to .
Edit the text.
For information on changing the font of text objects, see the following.
Click on the Work Window outside the text object you edited to finish editing the text.
Or, press one of the following keys on the keyboard.
[Enter] key
[Esc] key
Text is always aligned to left when entered.
Line break cannot be inserted to the text. Only one line of text can be input.
When the font has been edited, text is reflected when you finish editing the text.
Text copied to the clipboard is pasted without formatting. If line break codes are included in the text to paste, text up to the first line break code is pasted.
You can copy, cut, and paste strings of text in text objects. For more information, see the following.
You can create new text objects. For information, see the following.