List of the Printer Output Button Status

When the [Display device status] check box is selected in the settings of a printer output button, the printer status registered in the output bar is displayed on the printer output button.
The monitoring period of the printer status is 30 seconds. The printer monitoring starts in the following cases.
The mouse pointer is moved over a printer output button in the output bar

You can now print. The printer is functioning normally.

An error occurred due to a paper jam, no toner, or lack of paper causing printing to stop, etc. Or, the device status cannot be confirmed due to a network connection failure or power failure.

This warning occurs when the device is getting ready for printing, when the remaining toner level is low, when there is a paper source that contains no paper, etc.

(Getting Status)
Getting the status.

(Monitoring Not Possible)
This printer cannot be monitored.

(Not Monitored)
This printer is not being monitored.

The printer is offline.
When multiple statuses have been obtained, they are displayed in the following order of priority.
Error > Offline > Warning > Printable