Converting Each Document to a PDF Document

You can convert all non-PDF documents stored in a library to PDF documents in Desktop Browser.
Using the advanced settings, you can set the compression and password for a PDF document. You can also convert a PDF document. To convert a document into a PDF document by using the advanced settings, see the following.
Select the document to convert to a PDF document in the File List View Window.
Click for (Conversion) on the ribbon.
Or, follow one of the steps described below.
Click for (Conversion) on the ribbon, and select [Convert to PDF Document]
Click (Convert to PDF) on the ribbon
Right-click the File List View Window, and select [Convert to PDF Document]
The document is converted to a PDF document and saved in the original folder.
If conversion takes 60 seconds or longer, a confirmation message is displayed. Selecting [No] cancels conversion to a PDF document.
The document name of the converted PDF document is the original document name with the file extension changed to '.pdf'. If another document with the same name already exists in the destination, or if the file was originally a PDF, the document name has "(2)" added to the end of it.
When you convert a document in a library for which [Create Version] is enabled, the [Enter Version Comments] dialog box is displayed. However, in the following cases, no operation is necessary because check in is performed without displaying the [Enter Version Comments] dialog box.
If the [Enter version comments when checking in documents] check box is deselected in the [File] menu > [Option] > [System Settings] > [Browser] > [Shared Document Management].
If the [Do not show this dialog box again when checking in documents] check box is selected in the [Enter Version Comments] dialog box
If you convert an image whose width or height exceeds 482.6 mm (19 inches), it is reduced to fit the size set in [Reduced Image Paper Size] and converted to a PDF.
If information for the resolution is not included in the image, the image is converted to 96 dpi when reduced.
[File] menu > [Option] > [System Settings] > [Common Settings] > [Import] > [Reduced Image Paper Size]
This operation can also be performed with the tool buttons on the toolbar. If tool buttons are not displayed on the toolbar of Desktop Browser, see the following to display them.