Memo Overview

Memos can be added to documents in the File List View Window. If you add a memo to a document, the memo icon is displayed on the document. You can also select eight types of color for displaying a memo.
The memo function can be useful in situations such as the following:
Sorting related documents by memo color
Using memos as a notebook when working
Entering search keywords for other documents to make it easier to search related documents
Memos cannot be search targets for a simple search.
With a detailed search, you can search by memo content, color, or for a memo itself.
The memo function can be used in the following libraries.
Personal Libraries
For documents circulated from a library that can use the memo function, you can also add memos to documents in My Tray.
If you move/copy a document from a library that can use the memo function to a library that cannot use the memo function, the memos are deleted from the document.
If you have selected more than one document, you cannot add a memo to the documents.
If the memo is empty and the color is unspecified, the memo cannot be saved even if you perform the save operation.