Copying the Page Selected in the Preview

You can copy the page selected in the preview and save it as a new file.
You can only duplicate pages from a PDF document that has not been encrypted.
When the selected page is duplicated, the properties and memos of the duplicated PDF document are set as follows. The original document is not changed.
[Name], [Location], [Type], [Extensions], [Size]
These items are set for each PDF document.
[Date Created], [Date Modified]
Set to the date when the selected page is duplicated.
Other properties, memos:
Other properties and memos are copied to the duplicated PDF document for the following destinations.
Libraries of the same type (except for Document Server Libraries)
Document Server Libraries in the same site
In other cases, only items whose name and type match are copied if the [Copy the values of entries with matching property settings] check box is selected. If the destination library can handle memos, the memos are also copied.
When this is deselected, nothing is copied, including memos.
[File] menu > [Option] > [System Settings] > [Browser] > [Edit/Operation Documents] > [Copy the values of entries with matching property settings]
If you duplicate a PDF document with an attribute such as "Read-only" (Windows), the attribute is disabled in the duplicated document.
Select the PDF document with the page to duplicate in the File List View Window.
Display the page to duplicate in the Preview Window.
When using the thumbnail view, select the page to duplicate.
When using the thumbnail view, multiple pages can be selected by clicking them while holding down the [Shift] or [Ctrl] key on the keyboard.
Click (Duplicate Pages) on the ribbon.
Or, follow one of the steps described below.
Right-click the Preview Window and then select [Duplicate Selected Pages]
Drag and drop to the Navigation Window or the File List View Window from the Preview Window (Grab Mode cannot be used)
A confirmation message is displayed.
This operation can also be performed with the tool buttons on the toolbar. If tool buttons are not displayed on the toolbar of Desktop Browser, see the following to display them.
Click [Yes].
The selected pages are duplicated and saved in the library.
If both the original document and the destination document for the duplicated page are in the same library, the [Register Document] and [Enter Version Comments] dialog boxes are not displayed.
Each of the duplicated PDF documents is saved with "_duplicated page number" appended at the end of the source PDF's name. The page number uses the page number from the source PDF. However, if another document with the same name exists in the destination folder, the appended name becomes "_duplicated page number (2)".
If multiple pages were selected with the thumbnail view, the duplicated PDF document is saved with "_page number of first page selected" appended to the document name.