Displaying from Shortcuts

Shortcuts (*.iwlf and *.iwl) to folders and documents placed on the desktop of the computer can be used to start Desktop Browser to quickly access folders and documents in libraries, even when Desktop Browser has not been started.
For details on how to create shortcuts to folders or documents, see the following.
You cannot select more than one shortcut to display the associated folders or documents.
Double-click the shortcut to a folder or document.
Or, follow one of the steps described below.
Select the shortcut to a folder or document, right-click it and select [Open]
Select the shortcut to a folder or document and then press the [Enter] key on the keyboard
Folders saved in the File List View Window or selected documents are displayed.
When you use a document shortcut, the application associated with the document starts and displays the document.
If you double-click an unconnected Document Server Library, SharePoint Server Library, or a document shortcut or folder in a library on the network drive that requires authentication, you need to connect to the library. For information on connecting, see the following.