What is Importing?

When documents are imported (registered) to a Desktop Browser library from an external device or local/network computer, they can be stored and managed in the library. Documents imported to a library can be edited using Desktop Editor and Quick Printing Tool.
Follow one of the steps below to import (register) a document into a library:
Import and register documents to (Import) in Desktop Browser
See the following.
Import and register documents in the [File] menu > [Import] in Desktop Browser
Drag and drop from Windows Explorer to Desktop
Copy and paste from Windows Explorer to Desktop
Directly register documents to Desktop from a scanner
See the following.
Register a document in the Desktop using the send function
See the following.
Register to Desktop using the [Save Document As] button of Desktop Office Toolbar
See the following.
For information on the types of documents that can be operated (edited/printed) using Desktop Editor and the Quick Printing Tool, see the following.