Preparation Flow

In order to use the services provided by Desktop, such as printing documents, transmitting fax, importing documents via a scanner, and managing printers and jobs, you need to register and configure compatible external devices and software applications.
The flow of registration and configuration of external devices, and configuration of external software applications is shown below.
Register a new library that is used to store folders and files.
For more information, see the following for your system.
A Personal Library named "My Library" is automatically registered.
To output from Desktop to a device, register a printer output button and fax output button.
From among the Canon printer drivers that are installed on your computer, a printer driver that is available for automatic registration is automatically registered as a printer output button on the output bar of the Desktop Browser screen. Therefore, you may find that the printer output button has been registered on the output bar even when no action to register the printer output button is taken.
When you check the output bar in the Desktop Browser screen and there is no printer output button of the printer that you want to use, register the printer output button manually.
For information on registering a fax output button, see the following.
To import documents with a scanner, configure the scan settings.
For more information on the scan settings, see the following.
When sending the scanned documents to a library using the Quick Menu of an imageRUNNER ADVANCE device, register a Personal Button to the Quick Menu of the imageRUNNER ADVANCE device.
For information on registering a Personal Button, see the following.
To use an external application linked with Desktop Browser, register an application output button to the output bar.
For information on registering an application output button, see the following
To sort documents by work folder, register Document Destination Folders on the output bar.
For information on registering a Document Destination Folder, see the following.
To monitor jobs and devices, configure the job and device monitoring method that uses Printer Monitor.
For information on preparations for monitoring jobs and devices, see the following.
For information on how to monitor jobs, see the following.
For information on how to monitor the status of devices, see the following.