About This Manual

System Requirements of the Manual

The manual works with the following web browsers. Use the manual with the script functions and cookies activated in the web browser.
Internet Explorer 9 and later
Microsoft Edge
Firefox 38 and later
Firefox ESR 38 and later
Chrome 45 and later
Mac OS
Safari 8 and later
Firefox 38 and later
Chrome 45 and later
Firefox 38 and later
Safari (iOS 6.0 and later)
Chrome 45 and later

Symbols Used in This Manual

The following symbols are used in this manual to explain procedures, restrictions, handling precautions, and instructions that should be observed for safety.
Indicates operational requirements and restrictions. Be sure to read these items carefully to operate the machine correctly, and avoid damage to the machine or property.
Indicates a clarification of an operation, or contains additional explanations for a procedure. Reading these notes is highly recommended.

Buttons/Icons Used in This Manual

This manual indicates screen names, item names and button names displayed as follows.
Buttons, setting items and selection items displayed in the screens: [Next]
Icons displayed in the screens:  (Printer Monitor)

Regarding Screens

Computer operation screens used in this manual are examples.
The actual display may differ according to your environment or administrator settings.
This manual describes operations under the following conditions unless otherwise stated.
Desktop is installed on Windows 7
Desktop has not been customized since it was installed
The buttons which you should click or press are marked with a  , as shown below. When multiple buttons or items are used for an operation, all buttons and items are marked.
Click [Next].

Regarding Abbreviations

This manual uses the following abbreviations to describe the respective names.
Microsoft Windows 7 operating system: Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 8 operating system: Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 8.1 operating system: Windows 8.1
Microsoft Windows 10 operating system: Windows 10
Microsoft .NET Framework: .NET Framework
iW Desktop: Desktop
iW Desktop Printer Monitor: Printer Monitor
iW Desktop Document Monitor: Document Monitor
iW Desktop Monitor Setup: Desktop Monitor Setup
iW Desktop Browser: Desktop Browser
iW Desktop Editor: Desktop Editor
Canon iW Desktop - Annotation Convert Tool: Annotation Convert Tool
iW Desktop Import & Export Tool: Import & Export Tool
Canon Desktop Document Writer: Desktop Document Writer
iW Document Server: Document Server
iW Publishing Manager: Publishing Manager
iW Prepress Manager: Prepress Manager
imageRUNNER ADVANCE Desktop Quick Printing Tool: Quick Printing Tool
iW Desktop Installation Guide: Installation Guide
iW Desktop License Registration Guide: License Registration Guide
iW Desktop Desktop for Beginners: Desktop for Beginners
iW Desktop Startup Guide: Startup Guide
iW Desktop User's Guide: User's Guide
iW Desktop Administrator Guide: Administrator Guide
iW Desktop Operation Guide: Operation Guide
A Network Library that uses a database to manage folders and documents: Network Library (Database)
The general term for printers and fax machines: Device