Functions of Printer Monitor

Printer Monitor monitors the status of external devices, such as imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices, and the print/fax jobs, and manages logs of printing, sending and receiving fax. By using Printer Monitor, you can display the status of devices and jobs as icons on the Taskbar, and also display an icon when a fax is received and be notified of it by message. You can also be notified via a sound when a fax is received.
You can create a Quick Printing Tool from Printer Monitor. For more information, see the following.

Main Functions of Printer Monitor

The main functions of Printer Monitor are as follows:
Monitoring the status of devices set as monitoring targets
Monitoring print jobs
Monitoring fax transmission jobs
Monitoring print jobs/fax reception jobs
Managing Print/Fax Job Logs

Printer Monitor Icon

When Printer Monitor is started, (Printer Monitor) is displayed on the Taskbar.
The appearance of (Printer Monitor) changes according to the status of the monitored device.
In addition, if the Quick Printing Tool is running, clicking (Printer Monitor) on the Taskbar displays the Quick Printing Tool in the front of the screen.