Functions of Desktop Browser

Desktop Browser is a central application for document management implemented by Desktop. Desktop Browser manages documents imported from local computers, network drives or external devices such as imageRUNNER ADVANCE by using libraries.
Documents in libraries can be printed, sent by fax, sent by e-mail, and edited from the Desktop Browser screen. Since folders in a library and external devices such as imageRUNNER ADVANCE can be monitored, the status of documents that have been added or updated and the status of external devices can be checked in the Desktop Browser screen.
You can also circulate documents by using My Tray. Desktop Browser can be worked as a client of Document Server and can function in conjunction with Microsoft Office applications and external devices such as imageRUNNER ADVANCE, which enables you to efficiently handle documents.

Main Functions of Desktop Browser

The main functions of Desktop Browser are as follows:
Managing/monitoring documents and folders with four types of libraries set on computers or networks
Organizing, printing, faxing, sending e-mail, and circulating documents and folders using drag and drop operations
Running Desktop Editor or external applications to edit documents
Saving scanning/remote scanning results directory into libraries
Searching for documents using simple searches/detailed searches
Conversion to PDF with single click operations
Previewing the content of documents, dividing documents at the displayed page, dividing by page, extracting the displayed page, duplicating the displayed page, deleting the displayed page