[Support/Device] Sheet

You can configure the driver environment settings, device information settings, etc.
[View Settings]
Displays a list for checking the current settings.
[Edit Favorite Settings]
Enables you to edit the [Favorite Settings] list, and import or export it to be used on other computers.
[Edit Favorite Settings] Dialog Box
Enables you to configure detailed driver operation settings for special printing or applications. Selecting an item from [List of Settings] in the [Troubleshooting] dialog box displays a detailed explanation.
Enables you to change the paper sizes displayed by the driver and the display language according to the region you are using or your preferences, and initialize the settings of favorite settings etc. If you want to change the display language, after selecting the language you want to use in [Language], close the print settings screen then reopen it.
[Authentication Information Settings]
Enables you to manage printing by means of the department ID management function or the user authentication function.
By clicking [Verify] on the displayed screen, you can check that the authentication information set in the device and the entered content match.
[User Name Settings]
Enables you to set a user name to be used for print jobs. The set user name is displayed on the control panel of the device, and is used as the user name for headers or footers.
[Device Settings]
Enables you to configure device option settings and administrator settings.
Displays information about the driver version.

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