[Quality] Sheet

You can set a print processing method to match the content of the print data.
[Content-Based Print]
Specifies an objective that matches the print data and sets a suitable print quality mode.
[Detailed Settings for Quality]
Enables you to set print quality details such as resolution, gradation, toner amount, etc.
[Detailed Settings for Quality] Dialog Box
[Color Adjustment]/[Grayscale Adjustment]
Enables you to adjust color, brightness, and contrast.
[Color Adjustment]/[Grayscale Adjustment] Dialog Box
[Matching Settings]
Enables you to set a matching operation for color adjustment.
[Matching Settings] Dialog Box
[Two Colors Printing]
Prints in two colors, with the parts of the print data for which there is no color data printed in shades of black, and the parts for which there is color data printed in shades of the specified color.
[Toner Save]/[Detailed Toner Save]
Saves toner by printing the print data with less toner.
In [Detailed Toner Save], printing is lightened in the order of [Mode 1], [Mode 2], and [Mode 3].

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