[Paper Feed] Sheet

You can set the paper type and paper source.
[Select Paper By]
Sets whether to specify the paper to print on by paper source or by paper type.
[Paper Source]
Specifies the paper to print on by paper source. If you select [Auto], a paper source corresponding to the output paper size is automatically selected.
[Paper Source Information]
Displays information about the paper set in the paper sources. You can also set a desired comment for each paper source.
[Paper Name]
Specifies the paper source to be used when [Auto] is selected from [Paper Source]. In order to use this setting, it is necessary to register the name of the paper corresponding to the paper source in the device beforehand, and to acquire the device information.
[Paper Type]
Specifies the paper to print on by paper type.
[Insert Sheets]
Inserts sheets between specified pages.
Enables you to set details about the sheets to be inserted and their positions.
[Sheet Insertion Settings] Dialog Box
[Carbon Copy]
Prints one copy each from two paper sources.
This function is useful when you want to print one copy of a document on high quality paper for the customer and one copy on recycled paper to keep for yourself.
The function can be used when a setting other than [Auto] is selected from [Paper Source]. Specify the other paper source in [Carbon Copy] > [Settings].
When this function is enabled, one copy is always printed from each specified paper source regardless of the setting in [Main] sheet > [Copies].

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