[Main] Sheet

You can set basic print functions.
[Page Size]
Displays the page size set in the app or the page size set by clicking [Details].
[Output Size]
Specifies the actual page size you want to print on. If you select a size that differs from [Page Size], the print data is enlarged or reduced to fit the set page size when printing.
Specifies the orientation of print data.
Specifies the number of copies to be printed.
[Paper Type]
Specifies the paper to print on by paper type.
[2-Sided Printing]
Prints on both sides of the paper. The default setting for printers that support 2-sided printing is [2-Sided Printing].
[Binding Location]
Specifies the binding location.
[Booklet Printing]
Prints with the pages of a document arranged so that it can be folded in half to create a booklet.
Enables you to configure detailed settings when performing booklet printing such as the opening direction and gutter width.
[Booklet Settings] Dialog Box
[Page Layout]
Prints with multiple pages arranged on one sheet.
Staples the pages when outputting print data. Select staple position(s).
[On (Eco (Staple-Free))] crimps the paper without using staples.
The available staple positions vary depending on the output paper size, paper feed direction, and paper source method.
[Color Mode]
Switches between printing in color or in black-and-white.
[Output Method]
Sets the method for outputting print data. You can save the data to the device, move a print job in the print queue ahead of other jobs and print it, etc.
[Custom Paper]
Enables you to register a desired paper size that you can use for printing.
Items with () attached are standard paper sizes and cannot be edited or deleted.

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