[Finishing] Sheet

You can configure settings relating to finishing such as collating, stapling, etc.
Hole Punch
[Output Method]
Specifies a separating method when printing multiple copies.
Staples the pages when outputting print data. Select staple position(s).
[On (Eco (Staple-Free))] crimps the paper without using staples.
The available staple positions vary depending on the output paper size, paper feed direction, and paper source method.
[Hole Punch]
Outputs printed pages with holes for binding. This function can only be used when enabled at the device. The type of punch holes you can select depends on the optional unit attached to the device.
Offsets each set of pages output.
[Specify Offset Interval: Every]
Outputs pages so that each specified number of pages is offset.
Outputs each print job at a 90 degree angle relative to the one before and after it.
Specifies the type of fold when outputting pages folded into one of a variety of patterns.
Trims and aligns the edges of the pages when creating a booklet by stapling the pages in the middle.
[Output Destination]
Specifies a printed paper output destination.

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