[Device Settings]/[Administrator Settings] Sheet

You can check option settings, configure department ID management settings, and administrator settings relating to the device.
If you return to the print settings screen, display it from the device icon in [Devices and Printers] or from the print menu of a desktop app.

[Device Settings] Sheet

[Retrieve Device Information]
Acquires device information and applies it to the settings.
[Option List]
Displays in list form setting information about paper output options, paper source options, etc. attached to the device.
If you want to set the option settings manually, after selecting an item, set the item displayed under [Option List].
[Authentication Function]
Manages printing by means of the department ID management function or the user authentication function. Click [Settings] and select the type of authentication function to use.
If you are using the department ID management function, selecting [Do not use Department ID Management for B&W printing] enables black-and-white printing without authentication.
[Default User Name]
Enables you to set a default value of the user name to be used for print jobs. The set user name is displayed on the control panel of the device, and is applied as the user name for headers or footers.
To set this item, [Administrator Settings] sheet > [Allow changes to user name] needs to be enabled.
[Device Function Settings]
Enables you to set the version of the controller firmware of the device. Which functions can be used by the device depends on the version you set.
Controller firmware versions comprise function versions and platform versions. They can be viewed in a status print of the device or a screen for confirming the structure.
For details on how to print the status print or confirm the structure of the device, refer to the manual of the device.
[Paper Source Information]
Displays information about the paper set in the paper sources. You can also set a desired comment for each paper source.
[IP Address Settings]
Enables you to specify whether the IP address of the device whose information is to be acquired is automatically detected or manually specified. If the IP address cannot be resolved, you can specify the IP address to acquire the information of the device.
If you specify the IP address with this setting, it is not applied to the port for printing.
Displays information about the driver version.

[Administrator Settings] Sheet

[List of Settings]
Displays in list form the settings and their contents for the administrator of the device to manage default settings.
[Change Administrator Settings]
Enables you to change user privileges and each of the settings in the [List of Settings] sheet.

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