Inserting Sheets Between Transparencies

You can print with sheets of paper inserted between transparencies. You can also print on the inserted sheets.
Display the [Paper Feed] sheet.
Select transparency from [Paper Type].
You can select transparency from among the following.
The [Paper Type] drop-down list.
[Paper Type] in the [Paper Type Settings] dialog box.
You can display the [Paper Type Settings] dialog box by selecting [Select Paper By] > [Paper Type] then clicking [Settings], or clicking [Paper Type] > [Settings].
Select the paper source for transparencies from [Paper Source for Transparencies] or [Paper Source].
Select [On] or [Print on cover sheets] from [Cover Sheets].
Select the paper source that the sheets for insertion are set in from [Specify Cover Sheets By] > [Paper Source] or [Paper Source for Cover Sheets].
To change the paper type of the sheets to be inserted, click [Specify Cover Sheets By] > [Paper Type] or [Settings] from [Paper Type for Cover Sheets] → select the paper type → click [OK].

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