Retrieving the Device Information

When installing a driver with a network connection, normally, information about options installed in the device is retrieved and functions associated with the driver are set so that they can be used. When the functions of the device cannot be used, or when an option is added, the device information must be reacquired and the option structure manually set.


Settings at the device
Enable [Use WSD Browsing] at the device. If you are using a device that does not support this function, enable [Retrieve Printer Mngt. Information from Host].
For details, refer to the manual of the device.
When starting the computer, log on as a member of Administrators.


Display the [Support/Device] sheet.
Click [Device Settings].
When you click [Device Settings], after a confirmation screen asking whether you want to save the settings is displayed, the print settings screen closes.
Display the [Device Settings] sheet.
If necessary, set whether the IP address of the device is to be automatically detected or manually specified in [IP Address Settings] at the bottom of the screen.
Click [Retrieve Device Information].
When the message "Do you want to retrieve the device information?" is displayed, click [Yes].
If the information is retrieved, the option structure is set automatically. Check the settings.
If the information is not retrieved, set the options manually. Select the options attached to the device.
Click [OK].
In any of the following cases, some of the device information may not be obtainable. If this is the case, set the options manually.
When the device is connected by USB
When installing the driver by specifying a standard TCP/IP port
When using a device or port that cannot acquire device information

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