Saving Presets

You can save settings that you have select from each of the preferences panes in the [Print] dialog box as a "Preset."
If you save frequently used settings as a Preset, you can conveniently apply those settings by simply selecting the Preset.
From the [File] menu of the application, select [Print].
Select the device you are using from [Printer].
To display all options:
In Mac OS X 10.7 or later, click [Show Details] at the bottom of the screen.
Select a preferences pane from the pop-up menu → set any required functions.
Select [Save Current Settings as Preset] or [Save As] from [Presets].
Enter the name of the Preset → click [OK].
To select the Preset and print a document, select the Preset from [Presets] in the [Print] dialog box → click [Print].
To overwrite a preset, select the preset → make the appropriate settings in the appropriate preference panes → select [Save] from [Presets].
To change or delete the name of a preset, select the preset, then select [Show Presets] from [Presets] and change or delete the name in the dialog box displayed.