Registering a Fax Connected by TCP/IP

You can register a fax connected by LPD (Line Printer Daemon) in the operating system.


Confirm that the following conditions are satisfied. Complete the preparation operations.
System Requirements
Installing the Driver
Confirmation of driver names corresponding to the fax
For fax names corresponding to printers, refer to the Readme file.
Confirmation of specified IP address
If you do not know the IP address, check with the network administrator.
If IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) is usable, only IPv4 is supported.


Display the [System Preferences] dialog box of the operating system → click [Printers & Scanners].
Click [+] at the bottom of the displayed dialog box.
If a pull-down menu is displayed after you click [+], select [Add Printer or Scanner].
Select [IP] in the toolbar → select [Line Printer Daemon – LPD] from [Protocol].
Enter the IP address of the fax in [Address] → select [Select Software] from [Use].
If the driver corresponding to the fax is displayed in [Use], proceed to step 6..
A message indicating that the IP address is incorrect may be displayed even if the correct IP address has been entered.
Select the driver corresponding to the printer from the list in the [Printer Software] dialog box → click [OK].
Change [Name] for the fax as necessary → click [Add].
Check that the registered fax and model are displayed in the dialog box.
Set the device options as necessary.

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