Cover Sheet Settings

Depending on the printer model you are using, this function may not be supported or the functions you can use may vary.
Select the device you are using from [Printer].
To display all options:
In Mac OS X 10.7 or later, click [Show Details] at the bottom of the screen.
Select [Cover Sheet] from the pop-up menu.
Select an option for attaching the cover sheet from [Cover Sheet Attachment].
[Different Sheet to Each Destination]: Attaches a cover sheet that includes only the destination information for each individual destination.
[Same Sheet to All Destinations]: Attaches a cover sheet that includes the destination information for all destinations.
Select a cover sheet template from [Style].
Specify the items to include on the cover sheet as necessary.
If [Item Settings] is displayed, click [Item Settings] and specify the items.
[Labels and Comments]
[Insert Attention Note]: Attaches an attention label such as “Urgent.” Select a note from the [Attention Note] list, or enter the desired text.
[Comment to Include]: You can include a comment if required.
Select items regarding the sender and enter the relevant descriptions.
Select items regarding the destination. The information set in the [General Settings] preferences pane is displayed here.
You can include the number of pages and a title if required. Select the relevant item and enter the required content. The number of pages sent is not automatically calculated. The number of pages entered in this tab is displayed on the cover sheet.
Click [Print].