Updating the Driver

This explains the procedure for updating an installed driver to a new version.
You can also update alternate drivers installed in the clients of a print server. However, if you use a driver updated on the print server from a client, uninstall the driver you are using and reinstall.


Confirm that the following conditions are satisfied. Complete the preparation operations.
Driver Installation
Acquire the installer
You can download the update installer from the Canon web site (http://www.canon.com/).
When starting the computer, log on as a member of Administrators.
[Desktop] screen display (when using Windows 8/8.1/Server 2012/Server 2012 R2)


Start the installer.
Double-click the downloaded file to decompress it. If the installer does not start automatically after it is decompressed, double-click [Setup.exe].
Read the license agreement → click [Yes].
Select [Custom] → click [Next] in the displayed message.
Select [Update Existing Printer Drivers] for [Process to Install Printer Driver] → click [Next].
[Canon Driver Information Assist Service]: Select this when you want to use the device information retrieval function.
Check [Printer List for Driver Installation] → click [Start].
Click [Exit].
Restart your computer when a message is displayed prompting you to do so.
If you use the installer to install a driver, you can update existing drivers at the same time that you install the new driver.

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