Specifying the Print Quality

You can print documents that include pictures more clearly by specifying the gradation and print quality.
Select [Print] from the [File] menu of the application software.
The [Print] dialog box is displayed.
Select the [Advanced] preferences pane in the [Print] dialog box.
The [Advanced] preferences pane is displayed.
Specify the following settings as needed.
The following shows the settings.
[Use Output Adjustment Mode]
Performs a resolution conversion process. When this setting is selected, print jobs are output with priority given to image quality.
[Detect Paper Size]
Checks the paper size of the paper in the paper drawer and the paper size specified in the print data, and displays a message in the Statusmonitor if the paper size is different.
[Use Image Refinement]
Corrects the outlines of characters and graphics to make them smooth.
Specifies the resolution for when processing print data.
[600 dpi]:
This mode is appropriate for printing general text or charts at a high speed.
[1200 dpi]:
This mode reproduces text and outlines of diagrams clearly with a fine resolution.
This mode is appropriate especially for printing data that contain many small letters.
[Density Fine Adjustment]
Enables you to adjust the print density for small-sized text and thin lines.
This setting can be specified only when [1200 dpi] in [Quality].
[Special Print Adjustment]
If text or diagrams are blurred when printing, this function adjusts printing to improve the result. Try [Mode 1] to [Mode 4] in that order.
[Special Print Adjustment A]/[Special Print Adjustment B]
If lines appear in the printed output, you can adjust the print settings to compensate.
[Special Print Adjustment A]
Thins out the dots when printing. Try [Mode 1] first.
[Special Print Adjustment B]
Strengthens toner fixing. Try [Mode 1] first.
[Wrinkle Adjustment]
If wrinkling occurs, causing paper jams, use this function to alleviate the wrinkling. Try [Mode 1] first.
[Special Print Mode]
Printing is performed without special print processing.
[Special Settings 1]:
Select this setting when a printed barcode cannot be read.
[Special Settings 2]:
Select this setting to avoid whiting out the contours of text and images when printing documents with strong contrast.
[Special Settings 3]:
Select this setting to reduce operational noise when printing.
[Special Settings 1]
Fine lines may be printed thicker than they should be. If this happens, change the setting for this option.
The line thickness correction effect increases in the following order.
[Mode 1]
[Mode 2]
[Mode 3]
[Mode 4]
[Mode 5]
(Effect: Low)
(Effect: High)
[Barcode Adjustment Mode]
Adjusts the thickness of the printed lines in cases where barcode printing is unsatisfactory.
Click [Print].