Improving Print Results

Depending on the printer model you are using, this function may not be supported or the functions you can use may vary.
Select the device you are using from [Printer].
To display all options:
In Mac OS X 10.7 or later, click [Show Details] at the bottom of the screen.
Select [Advanced] from the pop-up menu.
Specify the desired settings.
[Smooth Outline of Characters and Figures]: Corrects the outlines and contours of letters and diagrams using a smoothing process.
[Improve Barcode Printing]: Prints fine lines in barcodes etc. so that they can be easily scanned.
[Improve White Specks on Outlines]: Improves white voids in the outlines and contours of letters and images.
[Fine Print Data]: Normally, images are printed at 600 x 400 dpi. When you turn this function on, images are printed at the higher resolution of 600 x 600 dpi.
[Reduce Blurring/Streaking]: Adjusts the level of toner fixer to improve the print result.
Select the following settings.
[Strongly Reduce Blurring]
[Moderately Reduce Blurring]
[Moderately Reduce Streaking]
[Strongly Reduce Streaking]
[Very Strongly Reduce Streaking]
If you reduce blurring strongly, you can improve blurring and roughness.
If you reduce streaking strongly, you can improve streaks.
Click [Print].