Setting the Options of the Device

You can set the options (paper supply drawers, finisher, etc.) installed in the device.
When using the device for the first time or changing the options of the device, the options must be set in order to be able to use the functions of the device.


Confirm that the following conditions are satisfied. Complete the preparation operations.
Installing the Driver
Registering a Printer
Confirmation of driver names corresponding to the device
For driver names corresponding to devices, refer to the Readme file.


Display the [System Preferences] dialog box of the operating system → click [Printers & Scanners].
Select the device → click [Options & Supplies].
Click [Options].
In the displayed dialog box, check the options of the device → click [OK].
Select only the options that are actually installed in the device.
For information on operating the device, check the manual of the device.

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